Corporate Social Responsibility

At Seaflower Group of Companies we believe in giving back to the community through the participation and initiation of community outreach programs. As a Group of Companies utilizing a national resource, it is our obligation to ensure that the Luderitz community and Namibia as a whole benefit from our social contribution initiatives. We created a Corporate Social Responsibility Fund to cater for this noble commitment with an annual budget of around N$1 million.

Our Aims are:

  • To feed the needy through fish donations and soup kitchens
  • To promote community art development and education
  • To promote capacity building through awarding study bursaries
  • To advance community development and empowerment projects

Fish donations made 2014/15

In 2014 alone the group made several fish donations amounting to N$92,289.15. These donations were given to:

  • The elderly of the Gibeon Community.
  • The Luderitz Mayoral Fund yearly pledge.
  • The schools feeding program providing fish mince

Community art development and education

In 2014, the Seaflower Group sponsored a workshop to train young people in the art of acting through theoretical lectures and role plays to the tune of N$ 153,566.80. In 2015, the Seaflower Group awarded study bursaries to the tune of N$ 150,000.00.

Community development and empowerment projects

Seaflower sponsored the Trophies and Medals for the Soccer and Netball cups for the Mayoral cup event in Luderitz in 2014. Seaflower also sponsored the Namibian Theatre and film Awards in 2014, specifically the category for Best Director for directing a play (N$10,000.00).

The Group contributed N$ 5,000.00 to the Farewell Party for Cde Emilia Amupewa, the former Mayor of Luderitz. Seaflower Group also sponsored a local Rugby team (Ocean Swallows Rugby Club) with costumes and equipment amounting to (N$ 29,806.56).

The group sponsored Luderitz Secondary School with transport to South Africa (N$ 20,000.00).

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